Miss T, the pilot of the coordinate plane.
Meet the Pilot of the Coordinate Plane

Traveling Miss T.®

She makes learning an adventure!
A preview of a Joshua Tree National Park Math Map.An example of a Math Map that Traveling Miss T creates for students to learn math and geography.

Traveling Miss T. believes in equitable access to our public lands. Download free partner Math Maps here!

"I was so excited when we finally got to the coordinate grid unit to use these! The Traveling Miss T’s Math Maps were such an amazing addition to this unit! I loved getting to show my students my love of geography while still introducing them to coordinate grids. They absolutely loved them and the activity was so engaging!”

5th Grade Teacher, Texas

"Miss T's program is both engaging and impactful. Her materials allowed me to transform a typically routine unit into something that will be easily referenced and retained by all my students."

Middle School Math Teacher, California

"We finally had a chance to try Traveling Miss T.'s Math Maps at home! It was so cute, my kids had so much fun with it. It's a great idea and easy set up. The actual worksheets are super cute too!"

Parent of 4th & 7th Graders, New York

"Natalie has been tutoring our daughter for over 6 years now, and she has never missed a beat. Beyond regularly scheduled sessions, Natalie has been a life-saver on countless emergency sessions to deal with stressful homework and pre-test nights. From being worried about whether our daughter would finish high school to being offered college scholarships - that is the path that Natalie has helped us nurture. She has been instrumental in our daughter's development, and serves as a role model for our daughter who also wants to pursue teaching. I would describe Natalie as personable, kind, patient, energetic and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate to recommend Natalie as an educator and youth leader."


"Miss T. is one of those super rare teachers who is both the kids’ and the parents’ favorite. She is caring, energetic and fun. She takes the time to understand every one of her students and is exceptionally gifted in her ability to motivate and bring out the best in them. Natalie is also a top-notch educator with an impressive grasp of a very wide range of subjects and a passion for always building upon that foundation with her creativity and her utilization of cutting edge educational technology to enhance curricula. Most of all, Natalie is a wonderful role model for our children. We are very grateful to know her!"


"Positive, enthusiastic and very capable, Natalie is a master teacher who typifies what it means to be an educator both in terms of her pedagogical knowledge, and her ability to create and deliver curriculum with 21st century learners in mind."


"Natalie is by far the most beloved and effective teacher, tutor and mentor we have ever worked with. She is not only kind and thoughtful, she is able to optimize my son’s performance with laser focus and accuracy. She has instilled confidence and competence, which has manifested in better grades and a happier young man!"


"Natalie is an amazing tutor. She helps me with everything, ranging from homework to emotional breakdowns. She always makes learning fun and engaging, and is accommodating to all learning styles. She knows what works for me and what doesn't. She's helped my grades improve."


"Wait, this is really fun. You made this?! I wish we did this in school. Can I take some home?"


"I liked your teaching today, I loved the coordinate planes!"


"It's like art, but it's math. But it's weird it's math because it's fun."